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A new season begins for Adams Voice with the creation of a NEW CD project by David & Charlene. Filled with songs written by Charlene, the project will highlight some old classics as well as familiar favorites from the past. So, this is your opportunity to pre-order this new CD and receive special rewards as well.


Annual Back Home Again Concert

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Adams Voice was thrilled to have Michael English and the Nelons for their third annual, “Back Home Again With Adams Voice” on Sat. November 22, 2014
Middletown Church of the Nazarene
Keep watch for “Back Home Again with Adams Voice” 2016










Women Of Homecoming Video

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Amy Char (2)There must have been cameras somewhere in the room, but it never challenged my mind as to where.  I walked into the unfamiliar studio in Nashville under girded, yes, that’s the phrase, with what seemed like suspended petitions to the Lord to allow me to quickly flush out the glamour of the moment and  swiftly cling to what I know is real: my purpose, to glorify my Savior.  My focus was to dwell on those who would be thirsty, reaching for these songs to breathe hope into their lives.

The room was full of women who have helped carve, in very personal as well as anonymous ways, a perspective of fathomless hope upon my life and ministry.  Within five inches of my hands were the hands of Babbie Mason, Sandi Patti, Amy Grant, and Gloria Gaither, all of whom penned lyrics and limericks that have fashioned my knowledge of Christ and His Kingdom.  God strategically carved out moments for me to speak with each of these women, each as genuine, common, and kind as standing with a sister.

I did ask the Lord to specifically allow me an opportunity to thank Gloria.  On my way through a long, dark hallway to the dining area, there she was, all alone, just me, the Lord, and Gloria Gaither.  (cue music)  I always intend on being smart, engaging, and genuine, but it seems every time I just default to this little girl, sitting by the record player, holding the album cover with the rainbow on it, singing “It’s A Miracle.”  Anyway, I managed to squeak out a seemingly pre-rehearsed mantra of how privileged I felt to be asked…la-la, la-la, la- la. I don’t recall her response, but after this strong showing of my engaging personality, I thankfully caught sight of the ladies’ room and quickly retreated.  My regard for Gloria is deep, and I am greatly indebted to be a part of such a rich legacy.  I’m thankful for even these tiny moments.

My dinner companion was sweet Kimberly Mote.  Her husband, Gordon, was our first guest at Home Again with Adam’s Voice.  Kimberly is beautiful, lovely, and kind…what a nice gift to be able to share a meal with a new friend.  Sue Buchanan laid her plate of food down by us, but she remained MIA most of the meal as she fluttered fabulously through the crowd.  Sue is a social monarch and is endearing!  She’s like the head cheerleader…sister to all and lover of life.   Look her up!

Sue’s empty chair was quickly filled by the stunning Babbie Mason.  BABBIE MASON!  She wrote the song “Show Me How To Love.”  This song was my sister’s testimony song shortly before she died.  Many of you remember her home going.  Twenty-two years ago (I was 19, she was 21), Olivet’s Orpheus Choir was traveling to Praise Gathering when their van left the road and resulted in an accident that left several injured and claimed three lives.  I shared this with Babbie, and she shared the story behind her song.  Once again, another moment strategically carved.

During the some 10 hours of taping, the richness of God’s glory quickly settled in.  It took only seconds to get past the make-up and fabulous clothes and recognize the power of the moment.  We sang of failure and the hope that swallows it.  We coupled words like “hurt,” “fear,” and “betrayal” with words like “mercy,” “peace,” and “forgiveness.”   We bellowed praises and sang of a God who inhabits them.

These moments were saturated with a holy anointing.  God placed His seal upon song after song.  The lives of men and women will be changed for those with a heart available for His touch.  I do feel privileged to be a part of Women of Homecoming, but even more, a part of the family of God.

God Provides a Bus

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After ten years and 325,000 miles in the Chevy van, God has provided a bus for our ministry.

Some of you may remember a few winters ago, God assured Charlene through a cardinal that He would provide a larger vehicle in His time… well; in September of 2010 God closely guided us in our decision so it would parallel His will. He led us to a Prevost Coach in Nashville, which happened to be WAY out of our price range. We knew God would have to implement a miracle so we decided to ride on faith. Long story short, the owner came down over a third of the price and donated the rest to our ministry. Then, a wonderful couple offered to pay the remaining amount needed for the down payment. We were surprised by these happenings but God knew all along. On September 9th, around 11pm, David drove a 45 foot, 1998 Prevost Coach down our country road honking at family members and a few close friends who were anxiously waiting on the porch… what a sight! We had one day to clean, pack, and learn how to operate it before we were off for a 10 day trip. After a spirit-filled Sunday morning concert, we began setting up for a convention at nearby Freedom Hall. It was there we realized we were staying our first week in the bus at the University of Louisville …the home of the CARDINALS!!! Thank you to those who ALWAYS believed, NEVER doubted and held this need up to Father. Adam’s Voice has two donors pledging to give a monthly amount for the bus payment; one is contributing $200 and the other $300. We need a combination of donors to give a total of $600 to satisfy the monthly payment and insurance. If you feel God is prompting you, please, check the box on the return donation slip. We know God has opened this door for us to minister in a broader spectrum and with your help we can keep this mission thriving.
The Lord your God is the faithful God who for a thousand generations keeps His promises. —Deut. 7:9
Adams’s Voice planning for busy Spring/Summer/Fall 2011
May begins by traveling to Louisiana and Mississippi. June consist of trips to Oklahoma and Missouri, July & August, Ohio and then back to the National Quartet Convention in September.

Family Photos

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Gaither Homecoming at Roberts Stadium

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Adam’s Voice Performing at a Gaither Homecoming Concert

On Friday, April 25th 2008, Adam’s Voice had the distinct privilege to be apart of the Gaither Homecoming “Give It Away” Tour at Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Indiana. Bill Gaither asked Adam’s Voice to participate in the Homecoming Friends corporate worship segment as well as sing our new release, A God Thing.

The tour included the Gaither Vocal Band, Gloria Gaither, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Janet Paschal, Gordon Mote, Lynda Randle, Joy Gardner, Kevin Williams and Signature Sound.

God has been faithful to provide greater avenues of ministry for us. We thank the Lord for this great opportunity to minister with the Gaithers. We pray God will use this event and all He provides for His glory…still, we are nothing without Him.

Adam's Voice on tour with the Gaithers

Adam's Voicer performing on the Gaither Homecoming stage

Adam's Voice with the Gaither Homecoming

Bill and Gloria Gaither

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Bill Gaither introducing Adam’s Voice to a sell-out crowd at Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Indiana.

“We have a young group here tonight from New Castle, IN. I’ve heard their music…we had a good visit one day in my office,
I know you’re going to love them. Please welcome, Adam’s Voice”
~Bill Gaither Intro

Adam's Voice with Bill and Gloria Gaither