Amy Char (2)There must have been cameras somewhere in the room, but it never challenged my mind as to where.  I walked into the unfamiliar studio in Nashville under girded, yes, that’s the phrase, with what seemed like suspended petitions to the Lord to allow me to quickly flush out the glamour of the moment and  swiftly cling to what I know is real: my purpose, to glorify my Savior.  My focus was to dwell on those who would be thirsty, reaching for these songs to breathe hope into their lives.

The room was full of women who have helped carve, in very personal as well as anonymous ways, a perspective of fathomless hope upon my life and ministry.  Within five inches of my hands were the hands of Babbie Mason, Sandi Patti, Amy Grant, and Gloria Gaither, all of whom penned lyrics and limericks that have fashioned my knowledge of Christ and His Kingdom.  God strategically carved out moments for me to speak with each of these women, each as genuine, common, and kind as standing with a sister.

I did ask the Lord to specifically allow me an opportunity to thank Gloria.  On my way through a long, dark hallway to the dining area, there she was, all alone, just me, the Lord, and Gloria Gaither.  (cue music)  I always intend on being smart, engaging, and genuine, but it seems every time I just default to this little girl, sitting by the record player, holding the album cover with the rainbow on it, singing “It’s A Miracle.”  Anyway, I managed to squeak out a seemingly pre-rehearsed mantra of how privileged I felt to be asked…la-la, la-la, la- la. I don’t recall her response, but after this strong showing of my engaging personality, I thankfully caught sight of the ladies’ room and quickly retreated.  My regard for Gloria is deep, and I am greatly indebted to be a part of such a rich legacy.  I’m thankful for even these tiny moments.

My dinner companion was sweet Kimberly Mote.  Her husband, Gordon, was our first guest at Home Again with Adam’s Voice.  Kimberly is beautiful, lovely, and kind…what a nice gift to be able to share a meal with a new friend.  Sue Buchanan laid her plate of food down by us, but she remained MIA most of the meal as she fluttered fabulously through the crowd.  Sue is a social monarch and is endearing!  She’s like the head cheerleader…sister to all and lover of life.   Look her up!

Sue’s empty chair was quickly filled by the stunning Babbie Mason.  BABBIE MASON!  She wrote the song “Show Me How To Love.”  This song was my sister’s testimony song shortly before she died.  Many of you remember her home going.  Twenty-two years ago (I was 19, she was 21), Olivet’s Orpheus Choir was traveling to Praise Gathering when their van left the road and resulted in an accident that left several injured and claimed three lives.  I shared this with Babbie, and she shared the story behind her song.  Once again, another moment strategically carved.

During the some 10 hours of taping, the richness of God’s glory quickly settled in.  It took only seconds to get past the make-up and fabulous clothes and recognize the power of the moment.  We sang of failure and the hope that swallows it.  We coupled words like “hurt,” “fear,” and “betrayal” with words like “mercy,” “peace,” and “forgiveness.”   We bellowed praises and sang of a God who inhabits them.

These moments were saturated with a holy anointing.  God placed His seal upon song after song.  The lives of men and women will be changed for those with a heart available for His touch.  I do feel privileged to be a part of Women of Homecoming, but even more, a part of the family of God.